New Commercial Electric Supplies

New commercial electricity connection from Complete Utility Solutions

We understand that it can be stressful and overly complex when dealing with connection companies and utility networks to install a new electricity supply, and as a result, we have designed our services to reduce this.

The electrical services we provide incorporate everything you need to install, connect to or disconnect from the electricity network. From full-service provisioning to substation installation, we coordinate with suppliers to make sure developments are connected in the timescale needed.

We can help with the installation of both low-voltage and high-voltage electricity supplies up to 33kV (including overhead lines). We can also arrange disconnections and diversions where appropriate.

Key Facts

  • New Installations of HV and LV
  • Substations
  • Temporary Builders Supplies
  • Cable Installation
  • Coordination with DNO’s & iDNO’s
  • Disconnections and Diversions

Our Clients

Some of our clients we are proud to work for