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CU Solutions - A Multi Utility Connections Company

Multi Utility solutions from CUS provide a streamlined and cost-effective method of providing utilities to new developments in a single package, both as a consultancy and a multi utility company.

Using our technical knowledge, industry network expertise and project management skills we will ensure your project is delivered in line with your budget, build programme and health and safety requirements.

We have a proven track record with multi utility connections, an arena which is now increasingly in demand by developers across the UK. Our Multi Utility solutions provide a streamlined and cost-effective method of installing utilities on new developments.

Our strong relationship with the leading market providers and specialist multi utility contractors allows us to provide you with a service that is both competitive in cost and completed to the highest standard. We readily take on the challenge to ensure that works are planned, coordinated and delivered on-time.


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Key Facts

  • 3 Utilities in a Single Package
  • Streamlined installation
  • Competitive Quotations
  • Provided as a consultancy or provider

"Our reliable customer-focused approach enables us to provide the best possible experience for any customer who seeks to take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Because of this, we can deliver a full end to end service for any project from conception to completion providing a portfolio which includes advice, analysis and full utility quotation packages."

Chris Grieve, Technical Sales Director

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