Energy Procurement

Energy Procurement

Through a strategic alliance with market leaders in the industry, Complete Utility Solutions can fully manage the energy procurement and metering process on your behalf, providing a seamless connection for all utilities and speeding up the whole connection process.

Fixed Energy Procurement

Complete Utility Solutions provide a fully managed tendering service for gas, electricity and water* supplies for clients looking to enter into Utility Contracts.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete transparent service with no allegiance to any one supplier. This helps to ensure that you receive impartial advice which is geared towards your requirements.

When choosing to adopt a fixed price contract, market timing is critical to ensure that the best rates are achieved. Our clients have direct access to wholesale markets giving them optimal timing for their utility requirements.

We eliminate the risks of rising energy markets by helping our clients achive the best possible fixed-term price available.

* Scotland only

Meter Contract Optimisation

Smart optimisation of meter contracts can result in substantial savings at little or no cost to you. Techniques such as aggregating and making contracts coterminus allow us to offer Metering Solutions for gas, water and electricity through bespoke packages for:

  • Clients Meter Operator (Mop) Contracts
  • Electricity and Gas AMR requirements
  • AMR reporting packages
  • Amalgamation and optimisation of Metering contracts

Flexible Energy Procurement

We offer bespoke flexible energy procurement services that are specifically tailored to the individual requirements of our clients.

Our specialist energy procurement advisors have access to multiple trading platforms which allow us to track the markets to ensure that our clients secure the best possible price direct from the wholesale market.

Flexible energy procurement can be a difficult process, however our traders can provide strategic advice coupled with a comprehensive suite of market intelligence allowing you to make an informed decision.

Risk Management Services

The introduction of a risk management strategy can help to ensure that your energy budget is protected from the volatile energy markets. The underlying ethos of our strategic advice is to help control our client's energy costs and protect their budget, irrespective of market conditions. 

Complete Utility Solutions provides various energy procurement strategies which are designed to meet individual requirements and risk appetite.

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Key Facts

  • Fixed Energy Procurement
  • Meter Contract Optimisation
  • Flexible Energy Procurement
  • Risk Management Services

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