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ESH Construction Meeting Director Explaining Utility Connections

Lunch and Learn Session with ESH Construction

We were particularly excited for this session as we have renovated our presentation, as part of our continual development in Complete Utility Solutions to bring the best and most  up-to-date value to clients.

For our new presentation, we included case studies of projects we have contributed towards. These were a great way of showing comparison between ESH projects and previous projects we have worked on. In addition to this, we were able to expand upon the difficulties we have come across on multiple projects, and yet been able to resolve with effective methods, resulting in high client satisfaction.

Also a new feature, we went through how we create a quote for clients, covering what is required as a minimum and how providing as much information as possible upfront can mitigate risks further down the line. We added in a new guidance section to give extra tips to clients too, to maximise the information they gain from the session. 

With the ESH team, we were able to expand upon communication, which was great because it is often found in construction that time delays, errors and confusion, and advanced costs occur purely because of unclear or a lack of communication, and sometimes both. When communication is minimal, clients are left feeling out of control of their own project, which is why Complete Utility Solutions enlists a single point of contact to each project stage, reducing several contradicting messages from the same company, having to work through call centres and provide regular updates and clarity to projects.

We also touched on groundwork, specifically piping. Increasingly, we are finding construction clients in difficulties with establishing off-site excavation and we were happy to go into detail on how we can offer solutions in this area.

ESH were particularly impressed with our vast industry knowledge. We were able to express how close our connections are with industry leaders, key contacts and utility decision makers. This is a point of pride for us, as with over 30 years of experience in construction and utilities, and our continual hard work to gain the best and most current knowledge, we can confidently advise and guide clients.

Our company mission is to aid clients towards making the best environmental, technical and commercial choices for their project needs, and so all advice we gave in the session works towards the specific needs of ESH and how they can navigate their projects into the future of construction. 

We travel around Britain delivering our lunch and learn sessions to contractors, M&E consultants, civil and mechanical engineers, energy brokers, project managers, quantity surveyors, estimators and construction companies, and always look forward to the next, if this could be with your team enquire here.