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By Rebecca Winn

Second Accreditation Achieved in 2018 - GIRS Accreditation

We are thrilled to announce another great achievement in 2018 in achieving our Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS).

We have been technically assessed by Lloyds Register who have awarded Complete Utility Solutions partial GIRS for both Design and Project Management and we are now in the process of organising our surveillance visits to quickly turn these into 'full approval'.

The GIRS acceptance is another accreditation, similarly to NERS also by Lloyds Register, but applicable to gas markets whereas NERS is just electricity. You can read more about our NERS accreditation here. With the GIRS accreditation, we are able to signify as an approved UIP (Utility Infrastructure Provider) to networks.

For the GIRS accreditation, we are assessed by Lloyds Register to conclude that we are suitable to construction new gas infrastructures and carry out approved methods of works and operations. 

Like the NERS accreditation, the GIRS accreditation also provides further competition to the applicable utility industry, benefiting consumers and businesses alike by progressing competitive prices and quality of service.

Compliance and Contracts Manager, Bill Welsby followed up the recent audit with Health and Safety Compliance Officer Jill Doane and received notification of the achievement earlier this week.

With our accreditation in GIRS' Project Management, we are now able to provide official council on project management to clients. Further to this, the design section of our GIRS accreditation enables us to provide and assess gas works designs for clients and networks.

We look forward to offering our 30+ years of industry knowledge, expertise and skills to sourcing and applying the best solutions applicable to our clients' technical, build, environmental and commercial needs.

Contact us here to talk to us about your project or our project management scheme confirmation to the GIRS scheme. 

To view our services covered by the GIRS scheme, view our gas connections and more, click here. Alternatively, view us on the Lloyds Register GIRS Accreditation List here.