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Further Update of COVID-19

 Dear Clients and Customers,

It is important to keep communications open on all proceedings at Complete Utility Solutions at this time. Because of this, we are following up on our previous letter on COVID-19 to keep those we interact with up to date. 

Based on the acceleration of COVID-19 in the UK and further government action, we are suspending physical contact, including within the team here in Rotherham. We are handling the current challenge similarly to many businesses in the UK. We take public health incredibly seriously and will be encouraging the team to work from home henceforth. Business at Complete Utility Solutions will continue as normal, and each member of our team is contactable via their work mobiles, emails and online chat, as always. Before the height of the virus in the UK, we took extra measures to further train the team on communications software to enable them to continue their great work, and our clients are not left without contact options.

As our initial update mentioned, meetings will either be put on hold or held over Microsoft Teams, which you can access without an account and from a web browser. Any other non-essential situations will be covered remotely. We ask those we work with to take precautionary measures while we are still in the essential stages of COVID-19. Our team, partners and clients' health and well-being are at the forefront of our thoughts and we are making decisions continually on measures to protect them. 

Please be reassured that our team members are being supported continually, and we offer support to those who need it in this challenging time. Although difficult, we have no doubt that our community can hold strong among this adversity by assisting one another and continuing to provide unity and positivity.

We have several methods of communications in place to keep Complete Utility Solutions up to date with government proceedings on the virus, and will update our team, clients and partners whenever we can when related to our business operations.

You can read about the government measures on the virus here:

And news updates here: 

If you have any questions related to our operation and communication efforts during this time, please email us here.

Please stay safe and take measures to protect yourselves and others.

We look forward to meeting with clients in the future.

Kind Regards,

Complete Utility Solutions