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By Rebecca Winn

National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) Achievement

Complete Utility Solutions continues to develop a dynamic business plan inclusive of the expansion of consultancy services into site Project Management.  

All legitimate ICPs (Independent Connection Providers), like Complete Utility Solutions, have to have NERS (National Electricity Registration Scheme) accreditation to be recognised by DNOs (Distribution Network Operators) and other construction and utility industry bodies. To read more about DNOs and ICPs, see our blog post on them here.

The Lloyds Register schemes for utilities helps improve competition amongst the industry, with NERS being applied to the electricity market. Lloyds Register also runs an electricity scheme in Northern Ireland on behalf of Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) and SONI. 

NERS allows assessments of ICPs to ensure they are safely connecting to networks with correct procedures in contestable works.

Under NERS, an ICP can carry out work such as design new connections to the network, dig and fill trenches on and around the property to be connected, and install electrical switches and transformers.

Prior to this point, Complete Utility Solutions were NERS accredited. However, on our commitment to developing our value and company, we have invested in the NERS Project Management scheme - furthering the skills and experience we can offer to our clients.

This is fundamentally supported by the development of an Integrated Management System (IMS), improvement to processes and the recruitment and development of resource.

Culminating in the NERS accreditation, Complete Utility Solutions will continue to invest in the future by pursuing such accreditations which demonstrate an aspiration for applied  improvement.

With our accreditation in NERS' Project Management, we are now able to provide official council on project management to clients. We look forward to offering our 30+ years of industry knowledge, expertise and skills to sourcing and applying the best solutions applicable to our clients' technical, build, environmental and commercial needs.

Contact us here to talk to us about your project or our project management scheme confirmation to the NERS scheme. 

To view our services covered by the NERs scheme, view our electricity connections and more, click here. Alternatively, view us on the Lloyds Register NERS Accreditation List here.