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5 Benefits of Using a Multi-Utility Provider

When it comes to researching for commercial utility providers you might be tempted to choose different contractors for different utilities. This could be because it’s the way you’ve always done it, you may have loyalties to certain providers or you may feel it’s the most effective way to get the best price.

However there are a number of benefits to using a multi-utility provider. Below we’ve highlighted each one, to help you make your decision:

1) It Can Save You Money

One of the biggest benefits of using a multi-services utility supplier, is the fact that it can save you money. By using one company for all services you’re removing a number of people and steps in the process that in turn can reduce costs.

In practical terms, multi-utility companies can make a connection in the same trench, helping to reduce onsite costs. Plus other stages throughout the process can be streamlined such as design and planning.

2) It Gives You One Point of Contact

Every day we speak to people about the frustrations they’re feeling from dealing with a number of different utility providers. Not only that, but the challenges they face when it comes to development.

Here at Complete Utility Solutions we assign you one point of contact throughout the process. This gives you a central person to direct any questions and queries to, helping solutions to be found quickly and actioned immediately.

3) You Can Plan More Effectively

Knowing you can rely on one company to supply gas, water and electricity to your commercial build project means you’re able to plan more effectively. If you’re on a tight deadline this can be particularly beneficial.

Not only that, but they can focus on the technical and environmental impact of each utility planning decision and advise on the best approach to take.

4) You Get a Broad Range of Expertise

As you know, setting up infrastructure is a complex process, with each project having its own unique set of challenges. Using one company for multiple utilities, means you’re drawing on a wealth of experience to navigate any issues that might arise.

Working across multiple industries, an experienced company such as Complete Utility Solutions, will have encountered similar problems before and will be able to guide you on the best approach to take so you can still hit your completion date.

5) It Can Speed Up the Process

Each one of the benefits mentioned above means you’re able to speed up the design, planning and installation process. You know that each stage has its own stack of paperwork, legalities and red tape, however having one point of contact can help reduce the burden on you.

Working with a multi-utility contractor really does make sense, not only speeding up the process and making it cheaper, but also ensuring it’s a whole lot less stressful, too!

About Complete Utility Solutions

Here at Complete Utility Solutions we have over 30 years of experience in the construction and utilities industry. We pride ourselves on offering a truly personal service, giving you one point of contact that will see your project through from start to finish.

We take the stress out of having to deal with multiple suppliers, helping to make your project more affordable and more efficient.

If you have a commercial project you want to discuss, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can drop us an email at or call 01709 540544.